Get to Know the Extracurricular Activities for Young Learner

Global Sevilla provides numerous extracurricular activities to explore children’s potential abilities. Not only have that, but extracurricular can also develop young learner creativity. In this institution, children can take in part a variety of extracurriculars to advance their skills. Then, what are the activities that can be followed by young learners in preschool Jakarta? Here the answer for you!

Three Extracurricular for Young Learner in Global Sevilla That You Should Know

1. Mini Cooking Extracurricular

To improve students’ talent, Global Sevilla provides mini cooking as the option of extracurricular. Here, children will learn to calculate the measurements, read recipes, and the food ingredients. Also, the young learner will recognize healthy food made by themselves. Learning to cook is one of the best methods to develop their ability to work independently.

In case your child has a hobby of cooking, you can make your children joining mini cooking extracurricular in Global Sevilla. By this activity, young learners will be guided to be able to do cooking activities themselves. It will make them apply with parents at home later. In addition, preschool Jakarta extracurricular can improve the children’s cooking ability.

2. Mini Soccer Extracurricular

Joining football extracurricular from an early age can improve the children’s abilities in strategy bending and physical development. In this case, the young learners also discover more about their potential abilities about self-confidence, teamwork, and sportsmanship. It is because when playing football, children will interact with each other to gain the same goal.

3. Art and Craft Extracurricular

At an early age, young learners love to play through many activities. when they are seeing something new, the students tend to feel curious about it, especially with things related to art. Children love doodling of their art and creativity. That is why children need stimulus through art. By following the extracurricular arts, children will be more creative and develop their potential abilities.

Global Sevilla preschool Jakarta provides art and craft extracurricular for young learners to advance their creativity skills. Children will learn basic arts and this activity will be proper in improving young learners motor sensors. Through this craft and art, children can identify, recognize, build, connect the knowledge, find the best interests, and experience new skills.

All in all, Global Sevilla extracurricular activities can shape children’s creativity and potential talents. Through following some of the extracurricular activities, such as mini cooking, art, and mini football children will know their abilities. In this case, the student can choose a variety of activities based on their needs, talents, and interests.