What Is Mindfulness-Based Approach? Here Is What You Need To Know

When it comes to education, there are tons of approaches that make this field has a broad scope. One of them is mindfulness. The term is pretty familiar for relaxing actives such as yoga or meditation. But how can the global Sevilla international schools in Jakarta implement this approach? Here are things that you should know about the particular term.

What Is Mindfulness?

The definition of mindfulness circles around the basic human ability to fully present. The ability help in enhancing the human’s awareness of what they are doing and where they are. In later stages, the ability will help in reducing the chance of overly reacting and overwhelmed by certain conditions. It demands humans to access something, not conjure it.

In another word, the mindfulness activity helps people to reflect and find the solution for a certain condition. In education itself, the embodiment of mindfulness helps in practicing quality attention in the current situation. This means a day of mindfulness brings focus to the students to breathe and access the present moment.

How It Is Implemented In Education?

Global Sevilla international school in Jakarta propose the usage of mindfulness in their education system. But how does it implement? The school employs an activity called a day of mindfulness. The community will focus on celebrating the day to be mindful in their daily lives. The practice can ranges from walking, sitting, practicing, to meditating.

The Benefits Of Mindfulness  

When it comes to education, the benefits of this approach are pretty important for students’ mental and behavioral states. Meditating and taking time to be mindful, help in fixed certain mental attitudes such as stress and anxiety. It brings peace and reflection toward individuals, creating a place and time to access the situation they face. It can help monitor student’s well-being.

Stress and anxiety are not easy to figure out or taken care of. At some point, the one who had is the only person who can fix it. In this case, the international school in Jakarta gain the benefit by providing times for students to reflect their emotion. When they feel happy and aware of the situation, it will help in enhancing their performance.

All in all, it is safe to say that the approach is one of the groundbreaking solutions in education. The problem such as tiredness, out of control, anxiety, and stress should be under well-being monitor. It will make studying enjoyable. Students can regulate their stress and maintain their mental states to improves behavioral and academic outcomes.